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How it works


Tournament set up

  • 8 tournament modes
  • save and load (saved tournaments)
  • BYP, DYP and MonsterDYP
  • diciplines
  • winning sets
  • set up groups

Manage Tournament

  • time management
  • two ahead
  • generate new rounds
  • external view (read only)
  • Buchholznumber
  • add/remove foosball tables


  • single- or double elimination brackets
  • up to 64 teams
  • match for third place
  • new tournament options
  • tree or table view
  • final table
  • Create Tournament
  • Qualification View with multiple groups and diciplines
  • Elimination brackets with multiple main rounds and byes

Tournament Modes

Swiss System

In a Swiss System tournament, the calculation of rounds will be based on the strengths of the participants. In principle, every team is up against every other team, but the opponents are drawn in a way, that the teams preferably play against teams next to them in the table. This leads to a meaningful table after a few rounds.

Perfect for big tournaments where without enough time for a Round Robin.


This mode is a single-player mode. Each player gets a randomly assigned partner and plays against another random team. The attempt ist, that every player is playing once with each other in fair balanced matches. With every won game, the winning team gets points and it’s all about fighting for the top position in the table. It is possible to add and remove player at any time.

An elimination round with fixed teams can be started at any time.

Round Robin

The classic mode for almost every sport. The teams are divided into groups and each team plays against each other of the same group. If all teams are assigned to the same group, every team is playing against each other. If you aren’t yet exhausted, you can start another round.

An elimination round, which is set according to the placement in the group, can be started at any time.

Last One Standing

As with MonsterDYP, every player is playing for themselves. However, it is not played for points, but for survival. Before the tournament starts, each player gets a fixed amount of lives that must be defended. Each round a new teammate is computed and you compete with another random team. The loser loses a life.

Once a player has no lives left, he is out of the tournament. At the end, the last three players are playing one-on-one until only the winner is alive.

Single Rounds

The round system is a shorter version of round robin. Each team is playing every round against another team from the same group. Unlike „Round Robin“, you can play as many rounds as you like. When all players have played against everyone from the same group, it starts over.

An elimination round, which is set according to the placement in the group, can be started at any time.


In this tournament, every player exactly competes one time with each other player and exactly two times against each of the others. So this is the only single player mode that creates a fully balanced schedule. Unfortunately, this mode can only be played with 4n and 4n+1 players. For example: 4,5, 8,9, 12,13, … ,100, 101.

Perfect for smaller groups of the right size, that would like to make sure that everyone gets the same chance.


Probably everyone has seen a elimination tournament once in his lifetime. In every round, the losers of each match will be out of the tournament. The winners will play on in the next round until the grand finale of the two best participants. It is possible to play out the third and fourth place as well.

Double Elimination

The basic idea of the double elimination is the same as the normal elimination. The difference is, that the participants get a second chance after loosing a match. Therefor a looser tree exist where all unlucky participants plays on. The one who wins here, will end up und the grand finale and has the chance to win the tournament.

More than 50.000 tournaments played

The Kickertool is hand crafted by two passionate foosball players with the intention to improve the organization of tournaments. We are constantly develpoing the software, with the help of our lovely users, who gave us awesome feedback.

The software is made for small to medium-sized tournaments. The Kickertool was dedicated for table soccer, but lots of our users are coming from different sport fields like darts, badminton, soccer, eSports, board games and even beerpong.

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